About Us

Zabwino Goods was founded to simply help move people forward. We believe that everyone was created for greater and that those who are better off have a duty to help their neighbors along.

Linda's Story

Linda was born in Malawi and lived there until she was adopted at the age of 9. After getting adopted, she yearned to return to her home country to help her family and the people.

Upon visiting her village in Malawi at the age of 19, she realized there was a very big issue - lack of independence for women. Most women drop out of school to help their family, they get married young, or because of an unplanned pregnancy.

Unfortunately, their husbands or fathers often leave their families for days, weeks, even months at a time. Sometimes this happens with no warning, leaving their wives with nothing. This tragic story occurs all too often, so, Linda started Zabwino Goods to give these women skills that they can then use to make a livelihood.

Zabwino Goods is Born

Zabwino Goods exists for a larger purpose. It is not just another online store. Linda’s big dream for Zabwino Goods is to open up a skill center. The people on the Zabwino Goods team will serve as teachers to train women how to do different crafts that they in turn can turn into jobs and be able to provide for their families. Linda will not stop at women, however, but rather expand her efforts to children and teens. With each purchase you help provide jobs that pay a living wage to women in Malawi.