ZabwinoGoods Introduction

     To those of you who are new and know nothing about me or ZabwinoGoods, allow me to introduce myself and my lovely team. My name is Linda Ryal. I am a 22year old Malawian with a heart for her people. ZabwinoGoods was created with the goal of moving people forward.

     All of our products are handmade in Malawi by local artisans, which ensures jobs. When you buy a product, you not only now have a unique handmade piece, you also just helped a family across seas. You just ensured that someone got paid and in turn is able to feed their family. Your purchase goes beyond the product. 

     However, we don’t stop at the store and the beautiful products. We also run a skill center where we work with 10 single mothers. A lack of independency for women is a major problem in Malawi. Often times, women drop out of school while they are still young to help with their families. Some get married in hopes of securing a provider while some face unplanned pregnancies. Most of them don’t finish school or have any jobs.
     That is where the idea of the skill center came from. We want to teach these women that they do not need a man (who often times leave the families for weeks or months at a time with no money for food) to rely on; you can rely on yourself. We want to teach them how to make things with their own hands that they can always do and pass down to their children. We want to instill truth into these women that they are capable and can make it. 

     We invite you on this journey with us. Grow with us. Walk this out with us as we chip away at the cycle of poverty. Follow our blog and keep up with our women of the skill center. Look at our store and make a purchase to help end the viscous cycle of poverty. 
     Thank you so much. We at the ZabwinoGoods team look forward to having you with us on this journey.